Having a Perfect Fitting Suit

Whether there are wedding plans or another special occasion coming up, it is important that a man’s suit fit correctly. A well-fitted suit can transform a person’s appearance and leave a lasting impression. A suit is considered the gold standard for dressing up. There are many options for purchase, rental or even custom men’s suits. Below are some things to consider when determining if a suit fits properly.

Trying On a Suit

When trying on a suit, use a natural stance. So, stand up straight and relax the arms at the side. It is best to have on the style of dress shoes that will be worn with the suit on the day of the special occasion. Since this isn’t a very natural posture for most people, it is, however, the base that most movements flow from. If the suit isn’t fitting well in the stance, then it will not move comfortably with the body either. Last, practice standing in the same relaxed, upright pose.


When it comes to a well-fitted suit, the shoulder should lie flat. Also, the top seam and pads should meet the sleeve of the suit where the arm and shoulder meet. When there are sagging seams, the suit is too big.

Jacket Closure

Always button the jacket of a suit when trying it on to see that it closes just right over the body. There shouldn’t be any signs of strain or wrinkles where it buttons or across the middle. Also, make sure that the two halves of the jacket below the button are not spread too far apart.

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When it comes to sleeve length, the rule of thumb is that the maximum amount of shirt cuff that should be seen past the jacket cuff is half of an inch. On the other hand, the shirt cuff shouldn’t be completely covered or hidden by the jacket. Sometimes the jacket can fit just right except for the sleeves being too long. This requires alterations.

Finding the right suit for a special occasion will increase a person’s confidence and help to show their best self. The designers at Chookhare & Sons make custom men’s suits from scratch to meet the specifications of their clients. There are no catalogs or templates. They will customize each detail of the suit so there are no surprises. Visit their website www.chookhare.com/ for more information. This is where concierge service meets the perfect fit. Each piece is backed by a Perfect Fit Guarantee.

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